Make Tracks: Hilary Grant

Who are you?
I'm Hilary and I run Hilary Grant, my knitwear business from my studio in Orkney.

What do you do?
I design knitted accessories, mainly for women, but occasionally stolen by husbands and boyfriends! I work with a luxury knitwear manufacturer in the borders to produce my collections and I send these to department stores in Japan and Hong Kong and select stores and independent boutiques in the UK, EU and US. I also sell my knitwear online too.

What can you see from your studio window?
From my studio windows I am so lucky to look straight out on to the sea and the harbour in Houton. From my studio window I can spot seals, oystercatchers and wild ducks swimming past, fishing boats and the odd bit of treasure (copper spoons and broken ceramics) that gets washed up in storms. The view changes all the time, it can be flat calm and sunny one minute, and the next the sea whips up and rain batters against the windows. It's very hard not to be distracted.

What are your Make Tracks?
1. Lau / Torsa 
2. King Creosote/ For One Night Only 
3. Camera Obscura/ Eighties Fan
4. Errors/ Slow Rotor
5. Yuck/ Hearts in Motion

Visit Hilary Grant here.

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