Shop Tour: Restored

Who are you?
We’re David and Marijke from Amsterdam. Together with independent designers we bring you a collection of jewellery, ceramics, magazines, textiles and many more. 

Life has a lot to offer and that is beautiful, but it also makes life busy most of the time. We strongly believe in the stopping power of pure and basic design. Because it's simplicity can bring us calm in the chaos. It triggers us to stop for a moment, to see what we are looking at. We love our visitors to experience that too. And therefore we carefully curate a collection of pure and basic design curiosities, that tickles your curiosity and leaves you with timeless joy. 

Where are you?
We welcome you at our store in Amsterdam, to experience a moment of calm in the chaos of the bustling Haarlemmerdijk. Our online journal and store can be found here.

Describe your shop in three words...
Slow / Experience / Minimalism.