Form Circle Bangle Brass & Blush Second

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Our Form Collection is handcrafted in the Tom Pigeon studio. We are perfectionists and very occasionally some pieces don't make the final cut. These samples and seconds have very slight imperfections - a tiny scratch, a small pit in the metal or a join that's not quite perfect. All items are non-returnable but a real bargain! Photos are not representative of any damage or flaws on items. Our sample sale jewellery is packed in a glassine bag with a simple Tom Pigeon card backing.

Form is a collection of minimal, geometric jewellery inspired by mid-century modernist art and architecture. Handcrafted using layers of Formica and solid brass, this bangle is simple, slim and super-minimal. Just a few millimetres thick, it looks great worn on its own or stacked with other shapes.   

The metal on this bangle has been waxed to reduce oxidisation. Over time the metal will age naturally, developing a richer, darker tone. Due to the super thin, delicate design, we recommend that you treat your Form bangle with care and store it safely when not being worn. For care instructions see Our Products.

Solid Brass Panel
Inner Diameter 70mm
Made by hand in Scotland