Islanders 2 Second

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All items in our sample sale are production samples, slight seconds or pieces from our past collections. Please read the product description carefully to find out what you are buying. All items are non-returnable but a real bargain! Photos are not representative of any damage or flaws on items.

The Islanders is a collection of three screen-prints that take their inspiration from Mediterranean islands and architecture, exploring the shapes made by light, shadow, texture and colour to create a series of abstract views. These Islanders prints are slight seconds with a small crease or pinhead mark in the paper. These are barely visible from certain angles and under different lighting conditions and would be minimised further if the print is framed under glass.

Islanders 2 is an open-edition, signed, three-colour, B2 screen print on lightly textured 170 gsm Munken Design Crisp White paper.

500 x 700 mm
170gsm Crisp White
Three Colour Screenprint
Fits standard size frames
Made in UK