Totem 002 Sample

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All items in our sample sale are production samples, slight seconds or pieces from our past collections. Please read the product description carefully to find out what you are buying. All items are non-returnable but a real bargain! Photos are not representative of any damage or flaws on items.

These Totem necklaces are from a previous collection and are in perfect condition. A playful take on Postmodernism, Totem combines geometric shapes, materials and textures to create a neckpiece that can be worn assembled or deconstructed.

This Totem piece features a beautifully minimal piece of white fleck Durat, rose and white acrylic discs and a natural wood bead. All necklaces have an adjustable waxed cotton cord with solid copper detail.

Every element of our Totem necklaces is formed and finished in Scotland and each piece is assembled in our studio in Fife.

For care instructions see Our Products.

35mm Square Durat Block
90mm Solid Copper Tube
850mm Adjustable Pink Waxed Cotton Cord
Bespoke Acrylic Pieces
Natural Wood Bead
Stitched and Embossed Black Box
Made by hand in Scotland