West Coast Steam Puffer


These handmade model boats pay tribute to the history and craftsmanship of our Scottish fishing communities and the vessels of our British waters. Each boat is individually crafted by artist, Edward Smith on the north coast of Scotland. 

This 1920’s Steam Puffer was a stalwart of Glasgow industry during the early 20th century, ferrying goods and people up and down Scotland’s west coast. Handcrafted from redwood pine with other woods selected for their structure, finish and colour. Painted with red and black non-toxic enamel paint. Each boat is individually named and numbered.

These boats are not suitable for "play" due small parts and delicate, detailed construction. Each boat is unique with slight differences in detail.

Materials: Redwood pine, selected woods, brass or steel metal fixings, non-toxic enamel paint
25cm long x 6cm wide x 12cm high
Handcrafted and Hand Painted
Made in Scotland
Notes: not suitable for young children due to small parts