Guides: Framing our Prints

Here's our quick guide to framing and caring for your Tom Pigeon prints. 

Remove your print from its packaging, taking care not to bend or crease the paper or any foiled areas.

Frame or mount your print as soon as possible. All of our prints can be easily framed at home. For this we recommend John Lewis aluminium frames. These come in a range of finishes and sizes and we think the super-simple profile works really well with our prints. Buy frames here.

We also love the wood and leather print holders by Ferm Living. Take a look here

If you're getting your prints professionally framed, we would recommend that you ask your framer to 'dry-mount' the print prior to framing. This is a process where the print is gently glued to a thicker mount board before placing in the frame. This smooths out any creases and works really well to flatten any foiled areas.

When hanging your print, try to avoid direct sunlight as this will gradually fade the artwork and change the tone of the paper. 

Sit back and enjoy!

Browse our print collection here.

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