Make Tracks: Tom Pigeon

Who are you?
I am Anaïs, a jewellery artist from France, now living in sunny Dundee.

What do you do at Tom Pigeon?
Half of the time I’m downstairs, carefully packing the items to send to our lovely customers. If not in the ever-growing stock room, you’ll find me at the workbench assembling, filing and polishing our jewellery items with Beth.

I have also the very tough responsibility of lighting the fire in the morning, not always as easy as you may think!

What can you see from your Tom Pigeon studio window?
Nula the dog passing by, trying to find a companion to play with; sometimes some pheasants wandering in the fields surrounding us, and scaffoldings on the soon to be new Tom Pigeon studio (exciting!).

What are your Make Tracks?

1. Robot Koch / Hard to Find
2. ANR / It's Around You
3. Ratatat / Seventeen Years
4. Mr Oizo / Erreurjean
5. Vitalic / One Above One

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