Our Way: How We Work


Our Way: How We Work
by Kirsty Thomas

Tom Pigeon is a creative studio that makes simple, crafted objects for people to enjoy. We don’t have any particular rules about how we work or what we do, but over time we’ve developed some principles that guide us.


We follow a simple process that starts with us getting inspired and informed. We work through loads of ideas, experiment and test things out until we reach a clear route that we, and anyone we’re working with, are happy about. We refine it, question it, play a little more and eventually finalise our design. Because we make a lot of what we design, the next stage probably involves us turning our design into something you can touch or hold. Often we’ll make it ourselves in our studio in Cellardyke, or we’ll work with other people who can do stuff we can’t to get it made.



We try to keep our work simple, getting rid of anything that seems unnecessary, until we’re left with something that feels right. It’s part process, part intuition and it changes from project to project. We think it’s good to make the most of materials and processes and making stuff makes us happy. So does working with other people who really know and care about their craft. All this means we’re always trying to better understand our process and improve our work, which helps to ensure its quality and make it affordable. We really care about what we do and the people we do it for. Whether we’re talking to our customers, supplying our retailers or designing for our clients, we make sure we listen and do our best to make people happy. We think that it’s worth trying to make things better and our work is designed to be enjoyed. We hope you like it.


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