Make Tracks: Jonathan Lo (Happy Mundane)

Who are you?
Jonathan Lo - I’m a creative director, designer, and blogger with my fingers in a bunch of things including, graphics, photography, and styling. My studio is J3 Productions and my blog is Happy Mundane.

What do you make?
I guess I like to make “visuals”, whether they be on screen, in 2 dimensions, or in a set or physical space.

What can you see from your studio window?
My studio faces the airport, so I see a lot of planes coming and going.

What are your Make Tracks?

1. Chaka Khan/ Like Sugar
2. Pet Shop Boys / West End Girls (Dance Mix)
3. Yaz / Don’t Go
4. Kelis / Milkshake
5. Q-tip / Vibrant Thing
To visit J3 Productions click here and to take a look at Happy Mundane click here
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