Make Tracks: Sam Gonçalves

Who are you?
My name is Sam Gonçalves, I'm a Brazilian writer and filmmaker in Dundee. 

What do you make?
Everything to do with non-fiction and capturing real stories on short films, articles, podcasts, installations, etc...

What can you see from your studio window?
The neighbour's dog. I swear he periodically looks back at me but I don't think dogs can see that far, right?

What are your Make Tracks?

1- Madison McFerrin / No Time to Lose 
2- Jurassic 5 / Ducky Boy
3 - Jon Brion / Theme - Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
4 - Lizzo / Water Me
5 - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas / I Should Be Proud 
If you want to listen to Sam's podcast The Beans Podcast, it's here.
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