New EU Vat Rules & What it Means For You

Hello European friends. How are you out there? We miss you! 

So, as you will know, Brexit has been forced upon us and, with it, an ever-changing list of new, complicated rules making our relationship with you ever-more difficult. We are sorry! We didn't vote for it, we don't want it and we love selling our work to you so we hope you will stick with us. 

On the 1st July 2021 new legislation comes in regarding importing goods into the EU from the UK (and beyond). As expected, the systems are not yet in place to fully deal with this and we are working super hard to figure out the best way forward.

In time, we will be able to provide a better, more efficient shopping experience for you with no surprise taxes or fees but right now you may still be expected to pay local VAT charges and/or customs fees when you receive your Tom Pigeon parcel. Sorry!

Please be patient with us while we try to sort this out... thanks.


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