Slow Making

Stitching, painting, printing, cutting, constructing… as designers and makers, how we work with materials has always been important, but with the rise in digital processes, AI and on-demand services, I find myself drawn back to slower, more tactile practices. Thoughtful, experimental and freeform, these methods I’m using to create new work are much less about production and more about the connection between maker and material. I want to paint on wood and canvas, to take frayed fragments of fabrics and join them to create something more valuable than the sum of their parts, I want my hands to be dirty with paint and clay, to sweep the floor at the end of the day (rather than switch my computer off). I want to create pieces that provide warmth, texture and meaning in your homes.

Slow making is also about time and space… to make, to think, to move gently forward, to rest and be still. For many years I have run too fast, worked too hard, created in perpetual cycles just because I thought those were the rules. I am weaning myself off this behaviour, taking time to find joy in my creativity, explore new things and slow the pace.

I hope you will join me on this journey.

My new Field Work collection is a celebration of all of these things… slow stitches, mark making, quilting and texture and will be with you very soon.

July 2023

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