Travels: 5-9 Microadventure

Inspired by adventurer and travel writer Alastair Humphreys, Kid Pigeon and I decided to take on a microadventure of our own. With just sleeping mats and bags (no tent!) we ventured out into the hills of Fife at 5pm on Friday evening for a night under the stars.

We took on swarms of midges, a field full of brambles, an angry bull, a hangman's noose, and some unexpected rain. We foraged for raspberries, drank cider and built a shelter from twigs, bracken and a plastic bag! 

Kid Pigeon slept like a log under our surprisingly effective little canopy, whilst I lay awake waiting for the murderer to turn up. By 7.30am we were back on the road, stopping for 'breakfast' (chocolate) at the local reservoir and by 9am we were home for a fry up and cup of tea.

If you fancy taking on your own microadventure, we say "do it!"- you'll see things you miss in everyday life and you'll feel properly alive (and properly tired afterwards)! Go for a wild swim, sleep under the stars, forage for your dinner, build a shelter. Get inspired and read more about microadventures here.

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