We Make: Entrance

We were recently invited to create an exclusive series of screen prints to celebrate The Exhibition Road Quarter, a landmark new development at the V&A, London. This amazing new space has been created by award-winning architect Amanda Levete and is one of the most significant building projects that the V&A has ever undertaken. The entrance is a breathtaking mix of old and new; classical arches and traditional red brickwork meet sharp metallic forms and groundbreaking porcelain walkways. 

Taking inspiration from this remarkable space, we have created a triptych of interlinking foiled screen prints which reference the old and the new, the form and shape of structures, and the movement and rhythm of the courtyard space. 

I generally start work in my sketchbook, recording initial thoughts about shape, form, colour and materials but tend to move quite quickly to working digitally which gives me the freedom to play more quickly with composition and colour.  


The angles, planes and shapes within the courtyard provided loads of inspiration. It's no secret that I love geometry and the challenge of representing the space through shape, colour and rhythm was really interesting. The space is full of contradictions - brick and metal, round and sharp, light and dark, glass and stone.

The Entrance triptych is available now exclusively at the Exhibition Road Quarter shop at the V&A, London and on the V&A online. Click here to buy now.

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