Why We Do Black Friday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Black Weekend, American nonsense, consumer madness... whatever you want to call it, this weekend will see thousands of shoppers nabbing a 'bargain', fighting over cheap TVs, or doing all their Christmas shopping from the comfort of their sofa. 

For a small independent company like us this is a tricky one. We can't compete with the big boys and we really don't want to. What we do is not big business, it's craft, design, made by hand, made in small quantities and sold to amazing people who appreciate the love and effort we put into each product, and the time, passion and dedication it takes to keep a small company like ours going.

However, we are really grateful to you, our amazing customers and we want to say a really BIG thanks to you for all your loyal support. We are a small business but we are happy and able to offer you a big old discount once a year... and it kind of makes sense for us to do this at the same time as the big boys because that way you'll maybe be able to buy something from us (the little guy) instead.

But... it's worth remembering that not all small independent businesses can do the whole Black Friday thing and we urge you to think hard about what and where you buy this festive season. Shop local, shop handmade, shop sustainable - there are thousands of brilliant brands and makers out there doing amazing things really well - support them!   

Right now we are developing a project which we hope will highlight and address the issue of "creative poverty" - an opportunity to close the gap between creative waste and creative need. This exciting scheme is in its early stages but as a first step we will be donating £5 of products to your local foodbanks for every order you place this weekend. 

So if you'd like to shop with us this weekend we say THANKS and please don't forget to use your HAPPY25 code at checkout for 25% off your order. 

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