Our Products

Our Products

We put a lot of care into the design and making of our products, this guide should tell you everything you need to know about them and how to look after them.


We partner with people who know their craft to deliver the very best prints we can, using a variety of techniques and some of the world's best paper.

Our screen prints are hand pulled using water based inks by Tracy and Steve who custom mix all of our inks especially for us by hand. It’s a traditional process and the colours and registration may vary slightly from print to print. Likewise most of our prints are printed onto recycled paper which often has small flecks of recycled material embedded in the paper, these will also vary from print to print. These aspects are part of what makes each print unique.

Our foiled prints are hot foil stamped in the North West of England. The final appearance of the foil can vary depending on the paper it’s printed on and the appearance of the foil can vary from print to print.

Our letterpress prints are traditionally printed in London by Tom. He cuts our designs in wood, mixes our inks and letterpresses each print on a traditional press. Letterpress creates a beautifully textured print finish which reveals the wood grain of the printing blocks.

Unless otherwise stated all of our prints are supplied unframed. Wherever possible we’ve designed our prints to fit standard size off-the-shelf frames but if you want to really look after them we recommend you have them professionally framed. Please avoid hanging them in direct sunlight as this may cause colours to fade over time.


All of our jewellery is made by hand, using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques and materials. We dont currently make any new jewellery but if you have a piece from a previous collection here are some helpful tips. 

The Béton collection is crafted in solid silver. Over time silver can oxidise naturally taking on a darker tone. For cleaning oxidised silver we use Silver Sparkle by Town Talk. Dip your Béton piece for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse off and dry with a clean cotton cloth. As our Béton collection has a matte finish we do not use the polishing cloth provided in the Town Talk package as this will make the jewellery shiny and the matte finish will be lost. Silver Sparkle can be purchased through many jewellery and homeware stores including here.
Your Béton jewellery box will also contain an anti-tarnish square which can be kept in the box with your jewellery. This small tab is
 non-toxic, non-abrasive and will protect your valuables for up to 12 months.

Our Form metal pieces are precision etched in a family-run workshop on the West coast of Scotland before being finished in our studio. The metal we use in our pieces is gently waxed to slow patination and tarnishing. Over time brass, copper and stainless steel will become darker and richer, developing a unique patina. To restore the original shine we recommend that you gently clean the metal with a polishing cloth (we use Sunshine Polishing Cloths in the studio) or a gentle, polishing compound. Newly polished metal can be waxed with Renaissance Wax to protect the surface and avoid further tarnish. 

Our jewellery is splash proof but please avoid direct contact with water, perfume, creams and other sprays as these may cause discolouration. Where we have supplied your jewellery in a box, we recommend that you store it in this. All jewellery is best stored in a box or another container to avoid scratches and discolouration. Keeping metal jewellery air tight will slow down the rate at which it develops a patina.